Thursday, May 8, 2008


Jason did the math and I'm working 51 hours this week. Yeeshk. No wonder I feel so exhausted. However, the good news is, I've got a clear weekend. No photo shoots are booked (a good and bad thing, but I'm pleased for the break) and I have made plans to sleep in, work with my new polaroid camera, and get some much needed condo-work done.

Sunday is Mother's Day, folks, so don't forget to do something special for the woman who persevered through pain and suffering to bring you into the world. As for me, I have shopping yet to do. A get-together has been planned for Sunday at 11:00 o'clock to celebrate Grandma Misako, my mom, and Auntie Tiffany. In addition, we'll be celebrating the birthdays of my mom and Uncle Eric - both siblings born on May 12th, though nineteen years apart. I'm picking up the baked ziti from Petrillo's and my dad is ordering a cake from Cakery Bakery - something with strawberries (mmmmmm). It looks to be a lovely day. I'm eager to see my little baby cousin, Steven. I haven't seen him since he came home from the hospital in March, so I'm sure he's grown significantly since then. And I've missed seeing little Tyler and am wondering how the new big brother is doing.

So last night, BB, Joseph, and I made a Marie Calendar's pie run at 9:15 pm. It was originally a cheesecake run, but once there, peering into the glass case full of delectibles, we opted for pie. We couldn't decide on just one (especially because all pies were on sale for $6.99) so we got Apple Sour Cream and Lemon Cream Cheese, both of which were delightful. We walked nextdoor to good old Stater Bros. and picked up some generic French Vanilla ice cream to go with the apple pie and B and I are convinced that generic brands often make the best tasting French Vanilla. First Albertson's, now Stater's. (So, I went in search of a mouth-watering picture to feature with this post, and there was none to be had and I wished I had taken a photograph of the pie last night. But, I found this lovely pleasant image and it suited me.)

Countdown: 13 Days Until I See My Love


Jason Pestell said...

Hurray!! Il y a seulement treize jours jusqu'à ce qu'on se reverra l'un l'autre (There are only thirteen days until we will see one another)!

I would like to share a pie with you; perhaps some strange combination of peach with chocolate and powdered sugar on the crust :) That sounds rather tasty.

Note on the first paragraph: I do love my math! Especially when it can be used to benefit those who are close to me (and most especially "celle que j'aime").