Friday, May 2, 2008

Scarely Time

Another busy morning, not much time. A mere ten minutes to write before I'm off to Pasadena.

I've beenworking on another facebook advertising event to generate interest in my photography in the hopes of booking all of May. I already have three scheduled and a client from April who wanted to reschedule. Last month was wonderful. I had nearly every weeked booked and I'd like to see the same happen for May.

I've been thinking about postponing my Master's education for a bit. I'm fresh out of undergrad and so tired of the idea of school. I'm doing fairly well with my freelance work and think I might concentrate on getting more established at the Academy of Music and Dance before committing to 20 hours a week spent on photography schooling. I haven't decided anything yet, but it's been on my mind. I know, I know. The sooner I get my MFA in Digital Photography, the sooner I can increase my rates, but maybe it's okay to wait a little longer.

Oh dear, it's time to be on my way.