Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday [A.]

I've been going, going, going. I'm very tired today. A full morning-afternoon (and quite hectic) in Pasadena. I registered four new students amidst the craziness, so yay! If we register 250 students by June, Jenna and I get a $500.00 bonus, so I'm all about the registrations. I think we're about half way there.

I feel a bit guilty because my housemate, Wendy, graduated today and there's a BBQ going on in the back yard. I made a brief appearance, but am working on photography stuff in my room. I have so much to do before my photo shoot at 4:00 pm.

You'd think I was hiding out in my room because a certain someone is here attending the BBQ. However, for the first time, I actually don't feel uneasy about his nearby presence. And I'm not mad or angry. I really think... I've finally forgiven him.

So, I've been drawing lately: