Friday, May 16, 2008

Delightful Eula

Upon leaving my condo this morning, I encountered a traveling snail making its trek across the pavement. I gently lifted it and put it to the side of the walkway so it wouldn't meet it's tragic end from a hurrying roommate. Ironically (and sadly), as I stepped into the dark garage, I heard a crunch and cringed to know that a fellow snail had just met its end via my foot. Saving one, killing another. 'Twas a sad morning.

An elderly woman named Eula came into the office today to help me work on the Capital Campaign letters. She is quite possibly the most adorable little old lady I have ever met. As we worked, she made little humorous comments. I asked and she told me she and her second husband had been married 14 years. They were both on their second marriage, their first spouses having passed away. She told me that when she announced her second engagement (at some age near 70), her grandson came over, sat down, and said, "Okay, so where'd you meet this guy?" She chuckled, her eyes so bright, and I said he must love her very much to be so protective. To her grandson's surpise, she and Jim had known each other since they were children. She's been attending this church since 1922. She showed me old black and white pictures on the wall in the church library, one of which she had taken when she was the Church Historian.

Eula is a delicate, smart woman. She has all her wits about her, but has been dealing with skin cancer because she says she was "a beach beauty" (she smiled there, too). Being the spunky lady that she is, she asked the doctor why she had to have spots removed if they weren't even hurting her and couldn't she leave them there?

Eula used to work at a beauty parlor and could have taken a "street car" when it was snowing, but she always chose to walk. She loves the snow. She'd shovel the snow in front of the store and people would tease her about why she kept doing so much work when it was unnecessary and she'd say, "I do it because I like to!" She's delightful. That's the perfect word for her.

This morning has been full with Capital Campaign labels, envelopes, and letters; Sunday bulletins and the powerpoint slides; Area D Chaplain meeting notices; bills; pledge cars; and invoices.

And a lovely call from my boss, Reverend/Mayor Karen Davis, who is bringing me a deluxe taco salad for lunch. She is wonderful. And she never lets me pay.

Nearly time to leave to Job No. 2.

Countdown: 5 Days Until I See My Love!