Sunday, May 18, 2008

Working Ahead

Tossed and turned and slept until noon-fifteen. Mayhem in dreams (but I can't remember what sort)... Still sleepy. Postponing the shower until at least 1:30.

There is much to do today. Much to be done, but a overcast of laziness persisting in the background. What to do?

I need to get so much done before he arrives:

Room Moving & Decorating ... still isn't done (but right now it is somewhat of a mess because my sister has been visiting and her stuff is mixing with my stuff and you know how that goes).

Green Oak Planning ... I've begun a list, but haven't finished. I want to have as much of that stuff checked off my list before he arrives so that I don't waste precious time with him over "To Do"s. The list includes camping equipment, directions to Green Oak, meal planning, and packing.

Wedding Present ... wrapping (I think I'll do that today) and a wedding card to purchase or make.

Shoe Shopping ... to accompany the bridesmaid dress (I had them all set to go and realized I can't wear them with nylons because my feet slip right out of them). Small feet can be hassle-some.
Daddy's Birthday ... is next week and I need to figure out a present (the card's been waiting for months, but now I can't find it)... ::went on a mission to find it:: ... Yay! Eureka!

Photography... shoot from yesterday needs to be completed. I need to burn the images to CD, mail them to Cymbaline, edit my favorites, make a collage for my publicity album, create a gallery for her on my website, and then upload the images.

Countdown: 3 Days Until I See My Love!

[Picture for old time's sake]