Thursday, May 15, 2008

And it was surprisingly good

Yesterday, I approached my boss, Apphia, and let her know that I'd most likely be moving on from the Academy after my contract ended due my need of health insurance benefits. I wanted to give her as much notice as possible.

SURPRISE. She offered to pay for my insurance if I'll stay with the Academy. She doesn't want to lose me. I am flattered. She gave me a whole list of reasons why and asked if there was any other issues that would possibly lead to my leaving. I told her that during the initial interview, she had said it was probable that, given my experience and B.A. degree, my salary and hours would increase after I was fully trained. I admitted that the current pay will not be enough for me to pay my bills and tuition at the Academy of Art when I begin my Master's. So, she said she will work on calculating what she could do to raise salary for as soon as my contract is done.

I'm truly flattered. I didn't realize she considered me such an asset. I know I've improved their advertising and forms, reorganized and improved their data systems, and propose new innovative ideas to improve business, and brought in numerous new clients... but for some reason I didn't realize that all this was invaluable. I figured everyone who held the Office Manager position would do these things. According to Apphia, this is not so. She's been through numerous employees that didn't have the same "work ethic" as she put it. I'm pleased to know (from Apphia) that I'm doing well there and helping their business to grow and improve.

Meanwhile, I've already applied to another position, one I know I would absolutely love. I don't want to say too much, because it feels like I'm getting ahead of myself, having only just applied and having no interview secured. The thing I realized, whilst driving home from Pasadena last night was that if put in the situation where I'll have to choose between both positions, I'm seriously going to be at a loss of what to do.

One job would be amongst well-respected biblical and theological professors. The other- an opportunity for me to be outside my Christian bubble. I don't know whether I'd rather not choose at all and have it chosen for me, or whether I actually want to make the choice myself. Of course, there's no certainty I'll even have to make such a decision as I have only just applied.

Sleep is so necessary and I think I shall... take a nap.

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