Monday, April 7, 2008

Yesterday, Today, and Projects

Yesterday was filled with two photo shoots, dinner with some favorites, and church in the evening.

Today, I feel refreshed while somewhat restrained by the nagging knowledge that I have much to do on my afternoon off. But... I think I am up to it!

First, I need to go to the bank and deposit my paycheck and freelance payments. Second, there are the photos from Zombie Prom that I need to finish, burn onto CD, and mail to the DVD guy. Third, I need to do laundry (oh, how mundane). Fourth, I need to trim the bushes out front because they are, once again, becoming an unwanted personality out there. And fifth, I need to make a phone call to a client regarding tomorrow's event shoot. Hm-hm-hm. Yes, those the most important things for today.

And just for me, I'd like to work on a small painting I began sometime last week... or the week before... or (oh dear) I don't even remember. Anyhow, I painted the background and set it aside to dry whenever-that-was and it's been waiting so patiently to be completed. Oh- it will be so much fun! I've been feeling creatively charged the last few days and I think today is the perfect day to allow that crazy energy to move.

This morning, I went online to get some new ideas for headshots and portraits. I sketched out some ideas that I liked.

Meanwhile, I purchased this lovely piece by artist Lucie Summers. I know I probably shouldn't have because it was $40 (but only $40!), but it was so extremely beautiful and I could picture it so nicely along with the other pieces in my collection by artists who truly inspire me.

Jenny mentioned something to me that I'd very much like to do. It all started with a purchase I made several weeks ago. A Babar clock. It is so cheerful and seems to be at home above the bathroom door in my bedroom (which really does suit it as the clock shows Babar and Arthur flying way up in the sky in a brilliantly red airplane). Anyways- the project. So Jenny complimented the clock and asked if I had made it (clearly she'd never heard of Babar and I felt a bit sorry for her knowing that she grew up without the Babar books). Upon my response, she told me I could make something like that and that I should. It's been at the back of my mind and I really do think I would enjoy making a clock... or decorating one anyways. I'd like to look into it and see how it could be done. Doesn't that just sound like wonderful fun?

P.S. Just the thing for this morning: Cheese strudel and Chai Tea Latte 1/2 Vanilla, 1/2 Spice.


seijitsu said...

Michael's might have a clock kit for the pieces, check their site. I'm sure it'd be where you could decorate any way you want.

Kimberly Robin said...

You make me smile. :)

Jason Pestell said...

Perhaps Jenny was not deprived but merely had only a vague memory of such a wondrous king, and thus thought that you had made it in honor of something that seems less grand and wide-spread than she imagines (in other words, maybe she does not realize the far reaches of this roi d'éléphants and thus imagines that one would need to make the clock if they desire to see him traveling through time). ::shrugs:: Just speculation to give her the benefit of my doubt.