Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wiggle Room

I didn't feel up to eating my apple bran muffin this morning. And it even had warm melted butter on it, so I don't know why why why. My chai disappeared easily enough, though. No surprises there.

I was pleased to spend some time gmail-chatting with my big-little sister today. The chat was filled with quick point-by-point updates from our lives, but it was very good. At least now I have some idea of what is going on in her April 8th. Our schedules don't really mesh well for telephone conversations, so this opportunity was unexpected and pleasant. She is always an encouragement on my endeavors, often making helpful suggestions to make my freelance work more successful.

I finally got all the Zombie Prom photos done, burned to CDs, and sent to the videographer. This is important because it was weighing down on me like you don't even know.

So, there is this one funny little group of hair strands connected to my head that has a personality all their own. No matter what haircut I have (how short, how layered, how even) or how long my hair grows, this one little group of wayward hairs always manages to make its annoying little presence known - via the middle of my view. It does it's detach-from-the-rest rebellious scheme and ends up causing quite a scene. I actually have friends who find its little adventures quite humorous. Poor me. I figure if it has such an affect on my daily life, it deserves recognition on my blog.

Artistic Projects for April:
1) Finish that painting
(No, I didn't get to it yesterday ::sigh::)

2) Update my photography portfolio website
(Looooong overdue)

3) Begin work on designing my new website
(Bought my domain name last month!)

4) Edit event photography from Amy Bailey's art show
(Shoot will take place tonight)

5) Edit photography from Kendra's wedding
(It's been taking the backburner since it was not a job)


Jason Pestell said...

I love your rebel strands!! :) They are a wonderful addition to the quirky nature of my Love, and your facial expression is so cute (kawaii, mignonne).

Also, I admire your wonderful list of things to do. So responsible and smart.