Thursday, April 10, 2008

Simply Work

It's chilly in my office, so I'm thankful to be folding programs fresh from the printer and all toasty warm.

Yesterday, I felt very needed and appreciated at work-in-Pasadena. I think that is important. The studio is on Spring break this week, so all was quiet and peaceful save for Apphia and myself chatting away as we worked. We got so much done since there were only seldom interruptions. There was one walk-in who I was able to register for a P3-5 class and that felt good. I think I'm really getting the swing of things at the new job. I came up with two new ideas and Apphia was equally excited about them. 'Tis good.

I got a phone call from an woman that attends the church were I work mornings. She wanted to tell me that we shared a similar work scenerio. She worked at a church as a secretary when she was right out of college and thought I would like to know we had that similarity. :) Older people seem to appreciate the small things a bit more.