Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5, 6, 7, 8!

I've been asked to be on a panel of judges for Maranatha High School's new dance team. My friend, Sarah Shoemaker, is the Director. She and I go way back - to my very first musical at APU. That was before she married Andy and was Sarah Nagy. I used to be so intimidated by her. Now she's a fellow choreography and friend. Over the years, we have danced together in Seussical and two years of Drama Awards performance numbers, which she choreographed. After she graduated, I choreographed the next year's Drama Awards number. She's excellent and I'm excited for her.

(and my experiences with them)

Jill Smalley
Fellow Seussical dancer and the girl who told me to "SIT DOWN!" when I was trying to go back on stage after popping my knee out doing an ariel (no-handed cartwheel) during rehearsal. She was definitely the sound mind I needed and she probably saved me from further injury.

Steven Rada
One of the dancers I cast inThe Goodbye Girl. He's the dancer I could depend on giving me 150% at every single rehearsal. Wonderful work ethic. Incredibly fun guy.

Maggie McGurn
Fellow member of the Drama Ministry Team '07-'08 The Cowardly Knight. Came on board second semester when one of our tech crew members had to leave. A joy to work with.

Sarah Shoemaker
The Director and mastermind behind it all.

Kimberly Taylor

Jill and Maggie will be leading warm-ups, Steven will be teaching the lyrical combination, and I'll be teaching the jazz combination. We'll teach Monday, review Tuesday, and judge Wednesday. It should be great fun. I'm excited.

All of this reminds me that I'm still behind on working on my Performing Arts resume. I really need to get that going on. I have my old-old-old resume, but it's so incredibly outdated. Jeremiah Oshiro has been waiting on me to get my resume, bio, and headshot to him to include on his cool new website that will feature a listing of freelance professionals in the Los Angeles area. I have to get my photography and dance background to him. Something to add to the "To Do" list.


Jason Pestell said...

This sounds like fun; is this next week or later on?