Friday, April 11, 2008

'bout time

In the last twenty minutes of work, I find that I have finished all my tasks for today and I suddenly feel very tired. But in a good way. Satisfied-content-ready for home. Like this picture by Jen:

I finally scrounged up the nerve to talk with Apphia about my working full-time. Somehow, she was surprised and hadn't realized that working full-time at the Academy was an option for me. I thought I had expressed as much, but the interview was months ago when everything was crazy and much has happened in the meantime, so I understand it slipping her by. She seemed quite interested, said she would keep that in mind, and at the end of the conversation, I found that I felt hopeful about it. I think she realizes that could be very affective. Consistency at the Front Desk is valuable for clients, students, and staff. I could tell she was mulling over what that would mean... That she wouldn't have a paid position for the intern later on this year- and the difficult thing is that we both truly like the intern and don't want her to leave- so it's a bitter-sweet imaginary scenario. I have no idea if Apphia will make that choice anytime soon, but at least she knows. That way when I have to bring it up in July as an "I'm afraid I won't be able to stay only working part-time" conversation, she'll know from where it's coming and will have had time to mull it over. All that said, I wish money weren't an issue, but it is and I love working here at the Academy.

We made some improvements at the office today. We have a lovely arrangement of square cork boards on the wall, with cardstock paper displaying the biographies of the Director, Instructors, and Office Managers. We have been getting so many questions about the Instructor's backgrounds, so my idea was to put up their biographies. It is our hopes that parents and students will realize what wonderful instruction their students have here as well as realize that even the Office Managers have quite a lot of performing arts experience and actually know what they're talking about when they recommend classes and deal with concerns of parents regarding their students.

It looks incredibly promising that I will be doing more photography for the Academy and will be receiving credit and a percentage of the proceeds. Apphia has me researching online programs where we can upload the images, have the company print them, and it be an easy-access sort of deal for eager parents. I'm thrilled. You know how much I love figuring out internet stuff. And for photography- it's perfect. I have some leads already. looks wonderful. Something a bit more simple would be Flickr, but we'd have to do more ourselves. We shall see (and I like that sentence as it is so expectant and hopeful).

It is time to close up the office, so...



Kimberly Robin said...

So I have to say that thanks to you I have fallen in love with Jen's photography! I could look at her pictures forever. :)