Monday, April 14, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day, friends. Jenny will be moving the rest of her things out, leaving her key, and I will be left with my very own room. I will begin the redecorating, furniature moving, and all involved in making the room my own. I am going to take a before and after picture so you can share (or pretend to share) in my joy. :) This may sound silly to some of you - such grand excitement over a room - but maybe you don't understand what this is for me. Being the middle of three girls, I was either sharing with big sister or little and in later life, with various roommates. Finally at 24-years-old, I have a place all to myself. Oh glory glory. Let the redecorating begin! Just perfect for that Spring Cleaning idea, too!

Yesterday, I picked up a girl named Rebecca, and drove out to Huntington Beach for Victorya's bridal shower. Upon arrival, we were tempted with four different gourmet cheeses atop seasoned crackers and accompanied by grapes. The afternoon started out a bit warm, but cooled off in time for a lovely summertime luncheon. We were served the most delicious chicken salad made with pickled relish, celery, and red apples on a delicate croissant with lettuce leaf, tomatoes, and avacado; fruit-cabobs of blackberries, strawberries, and pineapple; potato chips; and lemonade mixed with Izze (that was Maureen's idea and I was apt to follow). We ate and conversed beneath the shade of the most beautiful trees and it felt like summer. Silly bridal games and the opening of gifts were followed by cake, ice cream, and chilled bottled water. Absolutely delightful. Props to Hannah, the Maid of Honor, who organized it all. It was quite the afternoon.
(other photos are on facebook)

Goodness. Today is another Monday and the start of a whole 'nother week. I'm still tired from the last one. But, there are things for which to look forward and I feel content. And the photography bookings continue to roll in, though taxes are unpleasant.


seijitsu said...

What kind of bridal shower games were there? Any you thought were ill-chosen, any that were good?