Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rough Tuesday

Confession: Sometimes you get really unacceptable cravings (such as a breakfast sandwich from McDonald's), and you give in to it. That was this morning. I was originally lured by the thought of orange juice, but once there- suddenly had the craving for something entirely unhealthy, processed, and disgusting and I made the split second decision. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know! I feel like a bad person.

A week or so ago, I received a facebook application invite by someone who had nominated me for some Best Friend Contest. What a weird concept, now that I think about it. At the time, however, I was flattered and accepted the invitation. And then, just this morning I received an e-mail that said this:

"This is a courtesy alert by Best Friend Contest. Someone bumped you down the ranking. They think you are 'Not Really'. (sorry, we don't share who - due to our privacy policy). Regards, The Best Friend Contest Team"

Well, I must say, this was a very upleasant thing to read on a Tuesday morning whilst eating a really-bad-for-you McDonald's breakfast sandwich. And it puzzles me to understand why these people would call such a message a "courtesy alert" when it's really a simple slap in the face. I promptly deleted the application from my facebook. Who needs that? I would much rather be the ignorance-is-bliss person in this area. Who needs to know that there are people voting you "Not really" on facebook? I'd much rather just enjoy the dear friends I do have and who consider me the dear also.

So, starting my Tuesday out to a rough start (and with an awful vision-interferring migraine), I comfort myself in knowing I will have my own room before the day is out. And I will get to go home in the afternoon (since I don't work in Pasadena today) and begin the rearranging and organizing. I love organization. I really really do. And then dinner with a Miss who's recently become a Mrs. and The Boys Next Door at APU with Jon and Victorya.

Ooh- and I have found two places that I really want to photograph with a new Polaroid camera... as soon as I get one.

And ending with my childhood favorite painter, Claude Monet:


Kimberly Robin said...

There are some really lame facebook applications out there. I had never heard of that one. I would have felt the same way that you do. If it helps, I think you are a super duper awesome friend. :)

Jason Pestell said...

I concur with the entirety of Kimberly's comment, and I also desire to indicate with much enthusiasm that you are my best friend, no doubt about it, and I am glad to have you as such.

I hope that your entire evening was quite pleasant and that your own room feels wonderful.

I also wish to express my admiration for the beauty captured by Claude Monet's painting; despite deviating from strict realism, this painting so beautifully captures the scene in such a real way. I should think that he must be one of my favorite painters as well (that is, in addition to your childhood self).