Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Boys Next Door

Starting out today with everything seeming a bit too bright and it's not a hang-over, I assure you. Rather, I think another out-of-control migraine is coming on. Oh, dear. Caffeine is supposed to help. Chai has lots of caffeine in it, right? I popped two Ibuprofens and hope to slay the beast before it rears its ugly head.

I began moving things around in the room yesterday afternoon just as I said I would and I took a "before" picture just as I said I would, too. However, it turns out Jenny isn't moving out until today because that's when our landlord can meet with her, get her key and garage door opener, and check to make sure she deserves her deposit back. So- when I come home tonight- I'm hoping it will be empty and waiting.

Due to my busyness working away in my bedroom, I nearly missed a dinner date with Rebecca! I was so flustered when she called and was so relieved that she was still on her way, too. We dined at La Tolteca, a favorite Mexican restaurant of ours in good 'ol Azusa, and talked the way girls do when they have one-on-one quality time. Open, sincere, and real. So refreshing.

After saying, "Goodbye," I drove to APU to meet up with Jon and Victorya for The Boys Next Door, a dramatic comedy about four men who have developmental disabilities. It was absolutely brilliant. Having worked with developmentally disabled adults all last semester, I was so moved and went through withdrawal over my adult students at First Street Gallery all over again. Joe Barone, Kory DeSoto, Matt Gilmore, Nick Estep, and Kristin Danielson were brilliantly accurate in their portrayals of their characters. The writer, Tom Griffin, is exceptionally brilliant (notice the word, I keep using here) and the lines are so accurate and realistic. As I sat watching such talent on one, little stage (with an incredible set by the way), I was blown away by the play and it has quickly become one of my Top 5. If you have some free time, or even if you don't, I urge you to go see it. It really does an excellent job of showing what beautiful people developmentally disabled are with their distinct personalities, dreams, desires, struggles, worries, fears, and daily lives. It also demonstrates how stressful and exhausting it can be for the professionals who work with them, such as the character, Jack, who is becoming burned out despite how dearly he loves his "boys" and how rewarding it can be to work with them. Please go see it. It's one of the best productions to grace APU's stage. You will not regret it, I promise.
This seems to be theatre week for me because tomorrow, I'll be going back with Jon and Victorya - this time, to see Thoroughly Modern Millie on the mainstage. Then, on Saturday, I'm taking the lovely Jessica Luchtenberg (younger sister of The Boys Next Door director) to see Hello Dolly! at Maranatha High School and choreographed by an old friend, Sarah Shoemaker (the same gal who invited me to judge the dance team auditions next week). Three shows in one week. Happy week! You know how I love my theatre.
My friend, Thomas, is in town for a few days job searching, and I may get to see him tonight after I get off of work! I wish Kimberly was here too, but I hear she's holding down the fort back home. It will be wonderful, as always, to see Thomas. He is truly a blessing by definition.
Doobydooby, okay, that's all.


Kimberly Robin said...

Yay! I was mentioned. I feel famous or something. :) And of course Thomas is freak'n awesome. I'm jealous that you get to see him, and also jealous that he gets to see you. I loose twice.