Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Missing the Lovely

I've missed writing about lovely things. The fire has taken up most of my blogging attention and I think I'd like to write about something else today. But, before I do, I'll assure you that my parents are well and safe and the cool weather today, I'm imagine, is aiding in the battle against the flames. Thank you for your prayers.

Yesterday, Victorya and I went out to dinner. She and her fiance, Jon, are moving up north tomorrow. They'll be staying with Jon's family until they get furniature for their new place. And they won't be down here again until a few days before their wedding in late May.

Victorya and I were both rather unfocused during dinner. She blamed it on her moving preparations and I blamed it on a poor night's sleep the previous night. Despite this, we enjoyed the company and I enjoyed spinich quiche, chicken salad, and whipped buttered cornbread. We finished it off with a slice of pie each (her: blueberry cream, me: lemon cream cheese). Delicious. I'm looking forward to my leftovers.

After dinner, we stopped by my place so I could give her the bridal shower gift I had been waiting for in the mail, but had forgotten to bring to dinner. She kept looking around my room, eyes flitting from painting to painting to shelf to shelf, taking in all my Kimberlyness. She said she hadn't even thought about the decorating part of her moving. I was pleased when she said it had so much personality and she wasn't used to thinking about decorating, having lived in temporary dormatories for the last several years. I couldn't really understand this because I love decorating so much that living in a dorm wouldn't have prevented me, but we are different in a great many ways. I enjoyed watching her response to my room and when she left, she said she was excited to make her new apartment her own. I do think I inspired her.

In the last week, I've finished four paintings. Three of them are a series of sorts. I've been painting on glass. I purchased (some time ago) four framed pictures from the 99 Cent Store. I liked them for a while, but then they were too simple. So, I decided to paint over one of them and I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't stop at just one. I only have half of the 4th framed picture left. I did the background yesterday. Perhaps I'll post pictures of them when I'm done. They're quite simple, but carefree in their simplicity.

I have some research to do for a photography shoot tomorrow. I'll be doing portraits for a woman who wants to get into modeling and I'll need some fresh ideas of poses/positions that will be affective for that field. It's different from the usual headshots or artistic portraits I take, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Here's a little something from last weekend's shoots. Unfortunately, images always show up darker on PCs than on Macs. So if they look a bit dark, that's why.


Kimberly Robin said...

I want to see your newly decorated room!!!

Jason Pestell said...

I am so glad to read a recent blog that does not focus on the fire, not because I am a heartless fiend who cares not for the troubles that concern you and your family and your hometown (all of which are also dear to me), but rather because I so miss to read about your day even if everything here has been told to me over the phone already. I like to read your literary voice.

I look forward to seeing your room in less than a month, seeing its Kimberly-ness in the presence of its designer and inspiration :) I also look forward to seeing these paintings.

I do not believe that you told me about the chicken salad that you had ... mmmm ... now I am hungry for chicken salad.