Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fire Update

The fire continues to burn, though it is no longer directly behind my parent's home. It has moved west. The air is smokey, and my mom has had to run the air conditioner to filter the air due to headaches.

More evacuations are happening northwest of Sierra Madre near Michillinda in Pasadena. A friend of B's and mine, Christine Tcharkhoutian, is from this upper Hastings Ranch area.
Some people who were evacuated have been allowed to return home, while 483 acres have burned. Containment of the fire when from 30% yesterday to 21% today because of winds last night.

Our wonderful firefighters (550 of them) have been undergoing a sweltering job while working on an aggressive brush clearance throughout the night. The terrain is very difficult and steep, so they must be exhausted. They have managed to keep all home safe thus far. We are so thankful.

Please pray for favorable weather conditions and protection of the firefighters and homes in that area. Thank you, Kimberly and Micah, for your prayers! They are much appreciated. And of course, my Love's.


Jason Pestell said...

May God provide these men and women with strength in their efforts, protection for their lungs, and wisdom that surpasses man's understanding so that God's supernatural power would overcome this natural disaster.
May God's peace envelope every inhabitant in that area, and may His Spirit work in each of their and our hearts to affirm His supremacy in our lives, so that in everything His love and compassion are evident (because our eyes are fixed on Him).