Friday, April 4, 2008

Harley Cray Taylor

This morning, I've been twirling my finger around some strands of hair and feeling sleepy and slow. There were no parking spaces in front of Classic Coffee this morning, so I drove on by. Some strawberry yogurt by Organics and some left over apple juice sufficed for the most part.

I started a blog entry on April 2nd, but never finished it and now it seems a ways ago. But, it was important, so I might work on it some more and post it when I can. I would work on that now instead of this, but honestly- just don't feel like it.

Today, is my Grandpa Harley's 86th birthday. I love him dearly and hope he will have many more years. He has a spunky quality and quick-wit. His face expressions are wonderful, many of which I see in my daddy. To me, his smile is contagious. I love it when he wears his Santa hat on Christmas and makes comments about it all evening. I love how he never looks at you when he's talking, but puts one arm around your shoulder. I love his quippy remarks and how he says hilariously sarcastic things that his wife never understands. I love how he'll always have "some of each" dessert, but never makes them smaller portions (and still manages great health and lean figure). I love how he looks at your plate, asks "Are you going to eat that?," and then promptly sticks his fork in it. I love how he always comments on my parent's tardiness (much to their chargrin). He has such a personality, my Grandpa Harley. And he has such a lovely name: Harley Cray Taylor. And he is 86 years old today. And I am happy to be his grandaughter.


Kimberly Robin said...

Wow, that is a cool name for a grandpa. And I love all of you memories of him. He sounds like an awesome guy.

Jason Pestell said...

Tels souvenirs merveilleux! J'aime à les lire et à les imaginer. Joyeux quatre-vingt-sixième anniversaire de naissance, Monsieur Harley Taylor!

Traduction (translation): Such wonderful memories! I love to read them and to imagine them. Happy eighty sixth birthday, Mister Harley Taylor!