Friday, March 7, 2008

Virtue-oso? Sorry, Virtue-no-so.

The banana I am eating is making my throat tickle. I think a swig of tea might help... (yipes-too hot-try again later). [Sidenote: Paper cuts, in my experience, are an unavoidable part of a secretary's daily life.]

Last night, was our final rehearsal before opening night. Bless and I were noticeably tired, but the kids seemed to be high in energy. There were more last-minute notes than we would have liked considering we open tonight, but I'm sure I can speak for the both of us when I say, we are confident that the show will be a success. Come see it!

Today, Jason is driving down with his family to Ojai. Tomorrow morning, I'll be joining them for a memorial service for Jason's Grandmother Winnie. Sadly, I never had the pleasure of meeting her, but I want to be there to support Jason's family, especially Diane.

I'm being forced to come to grips with some things and though I expect that this is an entirely good thing, I am not enjoying the process. Attitude change is always challenging and "patience is a virtue" hasn't become a famous phrase for no reason. (Good heavens) I long for that which requires waiting- and waiting without any idea of when that desire of mine will come. I think I have issues with envy, I really do. Particularly for those younger than myself who aren't being required to wait. Doesn't seniority mean anything these days? See how ridiculous I sound? Thus- attitude change + patience. Virtues are so difficult to master. I'm working on it.


Kimberly Robin said...

And the longer you wait for something that you want, the sweeter the moment is when you get it.

Jason Pestell said...

Je suis en accord avec ce que Kimberly Larson a écrit, en pensant particulièrement à ce que j'ai appelé "sweet" hier soir. La vertu de patience est très bonne et à cause d'elle Dieu créera en nous un meilleur caractère en nous récompensant.

J'étais très heureux de te voir et de t'embrasser le week-end passé et j'étais heureux que tu pouvais partager ces heures-là avec ma famille et moi en avant la peine à cause de ma grand-mère Winnie et en réjouissant sa vie.