Thursday, March 6, 2008

In Need of Sleep (and a slice of pie would be nice)

I have taken to braiding my hair. It saves time in the morning as it does not require a hairdryer. It's not a sign of laziness or disinterest in my appearance (though I admit it is a bit of the latter because I've gotten to the point where I have come to terms with who I am, accepted it, and don't worry so much). But really, the braiding is a sign of every-minute-counts-before-the-alarm-goes-off combined with slight illness and insomniac tendencies.

This week has been full of long days what with my regular job and four+ hours of Tech Week (a.k.a. Hell Week) rehearsals everyday. But don't feel sorry for me because I'm enjoying myself immensely. I love Tech Week. I have always loved Tech Week. It's when everything comes together. The lights, sound, costumes, scenes, and dance numbers begin to become one, solitary thing- a musical. It's when the cast is comfortable enough with the show that they can improvise and add new things. Now I know that not all would agree with me. I have heard the groans and complaints from many a castmember over the years, which has made me come to grips with the fact that not all people like Tech Week, thus the name Hell Week. But to be quite frank- I have never really understood them.

Over the last several years, I have discovered that I enjoy being the choreographer and assistant director far more than performing myself. It's a completely different art, directing and choreographing is, and while I'll never forget or cease to treasure my performing experiences, I think I've found my true passion within the spectrum of theatrical arts. It is so nice a thing to discover a true passion, you know. I'm content.

As a general update, our students seem to be recovering from the cold-fever-flu plague that swept through the cast. Their resilience amazes me and right now, our only health concern is for one of our lead characters who seemed to be losing his voice at last night's rehearsal. He's on vocal rest until Bless gives the word.

Wish us luck! The show opens tomorrow!


therecoveringstoic said...

Hurray for directing! Maybe you'll eventually become a producer one day? ;-)

Kimberly Robin said...

Ahhh sleep. Yes, that dear friend that has been eluding me as well. Well I'm glad that you are enjoying hel- erm tech week ;) and I hope everything goes well for the first performance!

Jason Pestell said...

It IS wonderful that you have found another thing that impassions you and brings you a sense of purpose and rightness in what you are doing, as well as a sense of happiness.

Bonne chance m'amie et touts les enfants de "Zombie Prom"!

I must thoroughly agree with your Aunt Joyce in her assessment of your clock :)

I look forward to seeing in tomorrow, Kimi! Au revoir.