Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sleep, Hunger, & Spirituals

Even harder to get out of bed this morning than last. Oh- and not in the depressed sort of way, mind you. Much more the tired sort of way.

It is only 11:15am and already, my stomach is telling me I should be eating lunch by now. And that is after a fine bowl of cereal for breakfast. A mug of Wu-Long tea and a snippet of peppermint bark will have to sustain me until 1:00pm. It's a spaghetti-for-lunch sort of day.

The Executive Board at the church where I work, used to have a collumn in the monthly newsletter entitled, Splinters from the Board. This title always rubbed me the wrong way as splinters often do, so I opted for a change suggesting, All on Board! I thought the lyrics used in many old gospel songs suggested positivity, unity, and hope. It was well received. The Reverend loved it and I must admit I felt quite proud of my little idea. Such things, however small, can make a day brighter.


Kimberly Robin said...

I enjoy the way you write your blogs. Things are said so simply. Oh and I responded to your pondering with a blog entry explaining my poetry. You should totally check it out.

PS I miss having you around. ;)

therecoveringstoic said...

You rock! See? I'm on the blog train. Just let me come up with something to blog about...