Monday, March 24, 2008

New Life

This morning brought me a cheddar cheese bagel (with cream cheese) and another Chai Tea Latte 1/2 Vanilla, 1/2 Spice. [I have observed over the last several entries that I seem to enjoy telling you how I start my morning in regards to breakfast. Well, my friends, breakfast seems to set my mood for the morning. I am more cheerful when sipping something warm and even more so when I have something delicately scrumptious to accompany it, such as a nibble of Peppermint Bark from Trader Joe's or a cheese strudel from Classic Coffee or a croissant from the French Bakery just down the road. What else can I say? I enjoy my morning meal while sitting at work, waiting for my chair to warm up and my day to take off.]

Yesterday was lovely. Brittany, Joseph, and I went to St. Martha's Episcopal Church for their morning Resurrection Sunday service. B and Joseph had a project for one of their classes to visit a Greek Orthodox, Anglican, or Episcopal church and take note of how their traditions differ from our own and which traditions we share. B opted for Easter Sunday, so we went. It was very interesting and I have many thoughts from the experience, but am thinking I need to mull them over a bit more.

After the service, we meandered over to their fellowship area and had the most wonderful fruit salad -- juicy pieces of cantaloupe, fresh strawberries, whole black- and blueberries, ripe grapes, and sliced bananas. There was also thinly sliced banana bread that was just right.

From there, we drove to my Uncle's and I spent the afternoon watching You've Got Mail, playing with Tyler (my almost-2-year-old cousin), eating the wonderful meal prepared by my mom and Grandma Misako (which in addition to the typical Easter ham, included California Rolls, Futomaki, yakisoba, and strawberry pie for dessert!), and finally! welcoming my Auntie Tiffany and the new baby home from the hospital! Tyler went over to the sleeping Steven and kept pointing at him saying, "Baby!" He wanted to hold him right away and Uncle Eric helped him. Tyler kissed his new baby and ran to his mom to show her the baby (unaware that she already knew all about Steven). Here are some special moments:

Introducing, baby Steven...

My small Japanese hand gives you an idea of how tiny he is


Honored cousin

(You can count on my adding an entire album on facebook soooon.)

How special to celebrate our new life in Christ's glorious resurrection and the new life of a precious child on the same day.


seijitsu said...

That's really weird that they had a project to go to an Anglican or Episcopal church to find out how "their" traditions differ from "our" own... I would not even consider them to be "other." Ok, they tend to stand up and sit down during a service more often than other churches (quite useful, since people tend to doze off), but this denomination likewise has small groups, contemporary worship songs, and charismatic gifts. Some Anglican services are high church style (which is great!) but others aren't. Some Episcopal churches welcome LGBT people more happily than other churches (defending an adulterous, married pastor only because he's gay isn't ok, but accepting LGBT people is great). I just think it's sad that APU students would consider Protestants of other denominations as "other."