Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peach Iced Tea and Leftover Strawberry Pie

Goodness. It's past 12 o'clock and I haven't even begun my morning blog. I enjoy morning routine and feel completely off kilter. I've been tied up reading blgos of others including a favorite. Her blog entries read like chapters to a novel. Plus, she includes lovely photographs to illustrate her writing. I enjoy her blog immensely.

In other news -- Jason was in the newspaper! One of his favorite high school professors was honored with the Harvard's Singer Prize for Excellence and an article appeared in Santa Rosa's Press Democrat this week. Congratulations, Prof. Ramirez! Jason is very happy that his respected professor has received such an honorable recognition for his excellent teaching and he wrote a little something about it.

The next several weeks are packed with photography shoots (five-and-counting portraits, one art show, and hopefully a fun shoot of baby Steven for a gift to my Aunt and Uncle like I did for Tyler). I'm pleased. I certainly need the money. Lately, it's begun to look as though I'll be starting photography school in the Fall instead of June due to lack of funds. Sometimes I wonder if it's really essential that I begin my Master's degree right now. Is it really essential that I do it right now? Well, the sooner the better. Yet it remains tiring to think of full-time work concurrent with a full-time Master's program (and so soon after graduating and feeling like school would never-ever end, but finally did).

You know- it's nice when there is beautiful accoustic guitarmusic playing while you're put on hold.

(So tired)


Kimberly Robin said...

On the subject of photography (and in lou of your previous post) I really want a Polaroid camera too!!! I LOVE the look of the photo's. They are sooo my style of photography, they look so retro. I just want to cover my walls with them. It would be so awesome. Ummmm yeah. :)

Jason Pestell said...

Ooo ... mmm. J'aime bien le thé glacé de la pêche (le fruit) et je voudrais goûter de la tarte de fraises. Tous les deux me semblent très délicieux maintenant.

Ouais, je suis si heureux! :)

Je prie que Dieu te montrera si c'est sa volonté que tu commencerais en été ou en automne à suivir les cours de l'Académie d'Art de S.F.

Moi aussi, j'aime bien écouter la musique classique et la musique de la guitare acoustique quand l'on me met en attente (sur la téléphone).

seijitsu said...

Why do you need to do your MA full-time? There ought to be a part-time option.