Saturday, March 22, 2008

Left Over Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

I tried to sleep in today, but the washing machine and dryer's wake-up call arrived at 5 in the morning (probably because the dryer had been broken for about a week and everyone in the condo is anxious to catch up on their laundry). In case you're wondering, both machines are quite loud and are located one wall away from my bedroom. Thus, a sad-Saturday-morning-sleep-in.

I have two photo shoots scheduled for today. My nose is still a-runnin' and it doesn't look like it means to stop its adventuring any time soon. Colds are sad little boogers and they almost always interfere with meeting a brand new baby cousin in the Maternity Ward of the hospital.

I've decided to invest in a polaroid camera. I remember going on my summer study abroad trip to Turkey and Greece with a guy named Brad, who only took pictures with his trusty polaroid camera the entire trip. He was so intentional about it, too. He didn't go around snapping everything in sight like the rest of us with our digitals who could sort through and throw out the bad images later. He only took shots he found to be special in some distinct way. I was inspired all the way back then to pick up the art form and have become increasingly inspired by such artists as Jen and one named Jenifer Altmon and another called Maditi, who use the blurred-misty style to their best advantage to create soft, gentle, dreamy, and peaceful images. I'm completely taken with their work. Unfortunately, I have been tight on the money end of things lately due to purchasing too many surprises for Someone and pieces of artwork here and there for me. Oh- and it's the end of the month, which means I'm anxiously awaiting a paycheck. But just to let you know, that's been on my mind for a while, and I intend to do something about it.

[Images by Jen,]