Friday, March 21, 2008

Some Small Things and The Most Important Things

This morning's warmth of happiness was a Chai Tea Latte 1/2 Vanilla, 1/2 Spice from Classic Coffee (the best chai brewer of all time -- seriously, I can't drink it anywhere else now).

So. Yesterday, whilst sitting at my desk, I noticed that my nose was a bit dry. I also noticed that my purse was without any lotion. So, I went into the church bathroom and found Avon's Holiday Spice Hand Lotion. I considered myself quite lucky... until today. In short, I am allergic to Avon's Holiday Spice Hand Lotion and my nose as well as the area between my upper lip and nose are itchy and far worse than just a bit dry (resulting in a sigh).

I'm putting together a "Wish List for Artistic Things" in my attempts to figure out a small spending budget to purchase those beautiful things that I would love to have in my life for always and wherever I go from here. Art is important to me and I strongly believe in supporting those artists whose work has touched me and impacts so many. How thankful I am that our Creator created us to create. I get so excited about this.

You know- I think I would love to be interior decorator. Choosing all that makes up a room's atmosphere: finding colors that compliment each other; picking out furniature; clothing the walls with paintings, wall hangings, or photographs; adorning tables with lace or vases full of flowers ... And not having to pay for any of it! The only trouble is- knowing me, I would get attached to each place and want to live there myself. Ever since high school, I have reveled in the thought of someday making an apartment or house a home with its own style and personality.

I decided to print this Sunday's bulletin for the church in three different colors - goldenrod, mint green, and pink - for the special occasion. Christ is risen, after all! It's a big deal. And today is Good Friday, the day of His sacrifice. I need some time on this one. His death and resurrection are the most important things.