Sunday, March 2, 2008

A to Zzzzz

Last night, I dreamt that my parents had purchased a manor on some foothills of some mountains in some place unknown to the dreamer. For what purpose, I do not know.

The manor proudly possessed three drawbridges, only one of which actually led somewhere. Each drawbridge stood side-by-side and extended into the air a second story's height up as if there used to be an adjoining building to which these enormous bridges connected.

The home was surrounded by beautiful green foliage, but oddly enough, was without a moat. I am entirely unsure how my family and I even got up to the center drawbridge in the first place, but in the dream, it was somehow surpassed. Upon walking across the wooden bridge, we were led to a small opening into a white, puffy cubicle that very much reminded me of one of those blow-up play bouncers at children's birthday parties.

Once inside, we crawled to the other side - a short distance away - and exited through a similarly small opening. Outside, we found an incredibly narrow cobblestone-type of path about same the width as my small size-5-and-a-half foot, curving along a dangerously steep hillside covered in greens and blossoms all carefully tended and pruned by some unknown caretaker. With fear of losing my balance and tumbling down the steep hillside, I scooted along this odd little path flat on my stomach to ensure my reaching its end. Its end introduced the cottage-like door that led into the manor itself.

The entirety of the dream consisted of my sisters, mother, and me making our way through these strange, impractical obstacles in order to get inside our new home. And this same process seemed to repeat several different times (all of which were as tiresome and equally dangerous as the time before).

All of this leads me to wonder (for the umpteenth time) how the subconscious mind works and from where it gets it's most unusual ideas. Seems there's no limit to what it can conjure.


Called Daughter said...

I wonder about the subconscious mind as well. God obviously designed us this way, so it makes me ponder as to why. I have always been fascinated by dreams. They have often said very deep things to me. It's interesting...

PS I like your new backround. :)