Friday, February 29, 2008

One Ought to be Wary of eBay

I have found eBay to be incredibly helpful in my gift-giving. When you have loved ones with extremely specific tastes, eBay is your best chum. Of course, not to be forgotten, is the fact that since I happen to be one of those people with extremely specific tastes, eBay is not the best way for me to refrain from consumerism. Everything in moderation, they say. Therefore I must beware of eBay's chumminess.

Before this resolve, I took a fancy to a ring on eBay last week and it just arrived in the mail today. They said it would have two opals and I must say that it is so and that they are quite bright-eyed and youthful, nestled together and protected by several dainty cubic zirconias. Funny how pretty, shiny things are so delightful. I feel sorry for boys. They give them away to girls and never keep any for themselves. I suppose that's why they have cars.


thejuniorpartner said...

Actually, that's why we cry at night. Opal loss: a terrible thing :P

But I have found that substituting opals for a nice tandoori chicken all-you-can-eat meal is not THAT bad either ;)

Called Daughter said...

Hey! So I got one of these blogger things. Check it out!

Stephen said...

Yeah. Thanks goodness we have cars. God, there's nothing I want more than a car.

Then again, I guess I don't want the ring.

I'll take a pony.