Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love or Dread

This is me. I am holding a Valentine balloon. And I am very pleased.

Several years ago, I took up drawing doodles of myself as Me in Stick Figure Form a few years ago. During my years of depression, it helped me cope with things by expressing emotions with simplicity. Only recently has this Me in Stick Figure Form exhibited happy emotions. I have come a long way in the last year and a half and so has the little girl in the striped dress.

The past few days, comments regarding Valentine's Day have been abundant. Such a wide variety of opinions. Some people seem to be feeling conflicted because while they used to hate all the hearts and flowers when they were single, they now have a significant other with whom to enjoy it and looking forward to the 14th. Others think it's a stupid holiday because, "Why should we have a holiday to express love when we should be doing that all year long?" Some girls I know have a Valentine's Day "Girls Night" where they embrace their singleness, get in their pajamas, and watch romantic chick-flicks or re-runs of Gilmore Girls. Either that or they dress up all fancy-like and go out to dinner. Some have a sleepover party and pig out on junk food. Slightly older couples seem to have gotten so used to the holiday that they are pretty nonchalant about the whole thing and when asked their plans, respond with, "Oh, I don't know. Probably dinner or something. I haven't thought about it." Like I said, wide variety.

Ever since I can remember, my family has celebrated Valentine's Day all together. My dad would pick out the perfect Valentine for each of us girls and and my mom would get us each something special from See's Candies. We'd all go out to dinner with my Auntie Eileen, who would take ordinary Valentine's from Target or K-Mart and turn them into awesome pop-up cards with glitter. Come to think of it, Valentine's Day wasn't about couples at all for us. It was about celebrating the love we have for and receive from those closest to us. I love Valentine's Day.

I must admit that when I was going through my horrible teen years and that boy I liked never liked me back, Valentine's Day was a bit of a sting, but because we had the family love fest going on, it wasn't that bad... at least, that's how I feel now. I'm sure it was so much more melodramatic as a teen. I'll have to refer to some old diary entries (::shudder::) to know for sure. ;D

Regardless of what your feelings are about Valentine's Day, I wish you a happy 14th of February 2008.


therecoveringstoic said...

Hello!!! I'm trying to use my blog again. Nice to see you are doing well!