Friday, February 8, 2008


Sidetracked. I have come to realize the severity of that word.

The whole purpose of existence is meant to center on the Kingdom of God. I have absorbed so many thoughts, wisdom, examples, and experiences in the last several years. And they have intermingled together until they formed the idea that I see in my mind when I think of my responsibility as a disciple ( "adherent of the Law"). And yet, the way in which I view my responsibility as a follower of Christ will be forever re-shaped and altered as I receive further information through various sources over my lifespan.

The idea I have now, in turn affects much of what I do, choose, decide, and pursue... But not all of it. And I am trying to figure out how to interrupt the ugly pattern of forgetfulness, laziness, and sin that, together, becomes one word: sidetracked... -to figure out how to be responsible and diligent in adhering to what I truly believe is the purpose of all who claim to live as Jesus did. I admit, I frustrate myself easily when seeing my failed attempts.

And time in prayer- words keep appearing and I didn't have a clue I had so much to say -so much to ask.