Monday, February 4, 2008


Backstory: Several years ago, I had an ear perforation in that ear. An ear perforation is when you have an ear infection and your ear drum ruptures in order to release the pressure. A clear liquid from inside the ear drum flows out and your ear feels much better. However, with this relief from pain comes eventual scar tissue build up in your ear and often results in some hearing loss as well as an increase in likelihood of future ear infections. Since that time, my left ear is incredibly sensitive to sound. I can never have the phone on my left side or use headphones. I have had several ear infections since then, all in my left ear. I also experienced having to get used to a slight decrease in hearing on my left side.

The Story: Just as I was getting into bed on Friday night, my left ear began to ache. It was completely unexpected. I had not even had a cold anytime recently and had not been sniffing much at all lately. As the night progressed, so did the aching. It began to throb and I tried to prop myself up on pillows to lessen the pounding in my ear - to no avail. I took some Ibuprofen and ease the pain, which helped somewhat, and finally managed to fall asleep at 7:00am. At 7:45am, I awoke to my alarm and got ready for a 9:00am-4:00pm rehearsal for Western Christian High School's Zombie Prom, for which I am Assistant Director and the Choreographer. The entire rehearsal felt like I was in a bubble as if every sound was being heard through a long, hollow, echoing pipe. After rehearsal, I returned home with my head and ear throbbing. A few hours later, I felt a familiar pop and experienced having a second ear perforation. Clear liquid streamed from my ear and I started crying in frusteration. I would much rather suffered in pain longer if it meant the ear drum would not have burst. I don't want to lose more of my hearing and increase the likelihood of ear infections all over again. I called my B and she and Joseph surprised me by dropping by with a piece of cheesecake.

End of Story: Bummer.


Jason Pestell said...

Poor Kimi :(

Je suis désolé que tu as mal à l'oreille gauche, mon cher amour.

thejuniorpartner said...

So sorry to hear that :(

(no pun intended)

Next time I meet you, I will be sure to talk really loudly so you can hear me :) lol

The good news is you still have your lips. Imagine if you had a lip perforation! :O