Wednesday, September 26, 2007

he showed me the moon

i smell love lasting
how deep the sound of my own name
deeper than prior to
these days
now is bereft of (long-ago-never-to-be)s
truth is sincerity
sincerity is verity

i taste love growing
how present are warmth and promise
sweeter than tastes since
those days
now is redeemed in new patterns and polka dots
life is indispensable
indispensable is tenable

i feel love waiting
how far away - how near in here
more sure than all
other times
now is proclaimed by singing wind carriers
joy is plentiful
plentiful is delightful

he saw love glowing
how it hung from invisible string
cleaner than most
clear lights
now is whispered in gentle tones bringing
moon is reassuring
reassuring is deepening


Jason Pestell said...

Even though I lack the time to write a comment that does justice to this beautiful poem, I will leave a placeholding smile to demonstrate my intention to show no neglect to this: :) Aishiteru, Kimi-chan.