Saturday, June 23, 2007

i miss the pictures

words have no accompanying pictures now. i miss the pictures as a child who must transition from beautifully colored picture books to volumes full of chapters, full of paragraphs, full of black letters. and although the mind has been given a gift furthering the use of imagination, there is a strong sense of loss as well. a loss for the interpretation of the words as were intended by the creator. the speaker. the author. the songwriter. it is inevitable. i long for the pictures that accompany the words, the tones, the sensations of touch. i know they continue to exist, but i am no longer able to see them and i feel as if some of my sight has been taken from me and put away in a beautiful mahogany box, carved with roses and trailing vines, for another time to be opened and seen once again.

until that time, i will miss them.