Friday, June 8, 2007

day and work and such

the day is warm and well and sweet. it smells of hershey kisses (i just ate one) and although i am within four walls and away from the outside breeze and colors and scents, i imagine its loveliness in pretty pictures. and i wonder if the mountains can be seen as clearly as yesterday.

my work has been successful today and that uplifts me for i have not yet wasted time on this day, but rather- utilized it. there were many tasks to be done and i completed them in a timely manner, which always leaves me with a true, satisfactory sense of accomplishment. i suppose this is why i enjoy administrative work so much.

i forced myself to read my Bible and pray. i wish "forced" was not the word to describe it. i was not interested this morning. i wonder what causes such funks sometimes. however, God is good and when i forced myself, i realized there was much for which to pray and much of which to be reminded through Psalm 119:73-80. i did not have much to write in response to the Psalm, but it was helpful to read it for it was full or reminders regarding priorities (and God knows i need help).

the day has only just awoken, which is both a tiring and exciting prospect.