Wednesday, February 8, 2012

rush hour

I came in to work at 8 o'clock and within thirty minutes, I was rushing to my car with my favorite sweater drenched in someone else's boiling coffee and a tingly sunburned feeling all over my chest and part of my left shoulder.

It was bound to happen at some point.  The hallway to the lunch room and the door to the supply room are side by side and there is a blind spot during which, for about half a second, you really cannot see anyone coming around the corner.  Unfortunately for me and my sweater, I was the sad recipient of a boiling cup of coffee slow mo-ing out of a steaming mug and all over me.  The poor lady apologized profusely and tried to help me clean myself up, found some kind of ointment that might help, and offered me her own sweater to wear.  I know that accidents happen and I wasn't the least bit mad.  Really, it was more of a shock than anything else.  And silly me was actually more concerned for the health of my sweater than for my probable burn.

Thankfully, my boss ordered me to go straight to the dry cleaners (I've never been to the dry cleaners before) and then straight home to get some fresh clothes.  So, my real morning did not start until about 9:50am, ten minutes before presenting some updates and samples at a meeting. 

This morning has felt like one big rush.  Rush to get ready, rush to work, rush to the dry cleaners before the stains set, rush to retrieve fresh clothes at home, rush back to work, rush to a meeting.  But, in some ways, the little incident provided a break -- a break in thought and routine and even experience.  And for the first time in my life, I can say, "I'll be home right after I pick up the dry cleaning," just like they do in films and old television shows, which is something new and new things can be good for interrupting patterns every now and then.  So, there is a plus side to everything, if you look hard enough for it. 

The most amusing part was later, when I noticed that my bra most definitely smelled like very strong coffee.