Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Someday, I want to write a novel just to see if I can. 

I sat eating delicious tilapia, broccoli, and an overstuffed baked potato, and told my dear friend, Ryan Lucchesi, about my ideas. We have rightfully reunited after two long years of not seeing each other, 'cept for one random encounter for a brief ten minutes somewhere in 2011 {which we both say, doesn't even count}.  And then we shared a lovely bread pudding in butter-rum sauce and Ryan, being Ryan, told me that I should write and pretty much, that I will write.  He always makes me smile and feel empowered.

In the past, I have made several beginnings, but with school or work or both at the same time, I never have found the time to make any solid progress.  But, someday, I would like to write pictures and try to be clever with words like all those brilliant authors I admire... and just see.

I received the book that Stephen Bobbett recommended to me years ago- a book of writing exercises that helped with beginnings.  So, that will be a nice.  And post-wedding, I feel quite sure that aside from being so incredibly happy to be living with Jason, I will also have many dream-lined goals to pursue.  And that is happy, too.

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