Saturday, February 18, 2012

So, I noticed that I have been including some of, what I like to call, inklings in my posts recently {such as the one above}.  Inklings are simple pen and ink {thus, my little name for them} drawings that I make on any given day.  They often appear on any blank piece of paper, particularly cardstock, and I thought I might share them with you all every now and then.  I hope you find them light and free and a little bit of me.

Thursday night, Phil and I helped Brittany move to Pasadena!  The condo she'll be sharing with the fabulous Lindsay Voorhees, is huge!  The spacious living room comes completely furnished with four couches, coffee table, vintage television set, an old retro barcalounger, and many portraits of the Voorhees family (the condo unit belongs to Lindsay's grandmother).  This opens into the dining room with a large table with a gorgeous chandelier hovering in the sky.  The kitchen has plenty of room and cupboards to be filled with good, healthy foods for B.  Lindsay has the master bedroom, which is HUGE and Brittany has the second bedroom, which is also incredibly roomy.  She has her own bathroom and an impressive amount of closet space and I just can't help feeling so immensely happy for her.  I kept running around with boxes exclaiming, "B!  This is just...just... epic!"

I sang, "Happy new home to you" as I brought in her housewarming gift of vintage owl mugs made in Japan and filled with sparkling Martinelli's for toasting.

Happy new home to you!
Happy clean home to you!
Happy huge-awesome-epic-wonderful-amazing home to Brittany!
Happy new home tooooooo youuu!
What an amazing opportunity to live with such a dear friend in a place where the walls don't close in on you and everything is light and open and there aren't any screaming voices in the background.  Hoping for hope...

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