Monday, February 13, 2012

all change is motion

Thirteen days, going strong.  There were a couple days that almost didn't happen, but they did somehow.  The last several days have truly reflected a whirlwind quality and I feel worn and stretched and a little hopeful, but very contemplative and anxious.

This week, I realized:

1. I like cold bananas better than room temperature bananas.  Especially on gluten-free cereal with rice milk.

2. It is nearly impossible to put down Catching Fire even with the threat of an early morning the next day.

3. Our little home will not be the same if Scarlet is gone, and waiting to hear if she needs to be put down feels like rain washing away chalk drawings.

4. I have to try harder and be more present.

5. Sometimes, I need breaks from thinking about all things related to wedding planning.

6. There is no need to be nervous to talk with a long-lost lovely because it will just be like it ever was.

7. The world is falling apart all around, but there is love growing, too.  And I want to make it grow.

8. There is hope in change and all change is motion (remember, Becks?).

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