Friday, September 30, 2011

lately, albeit late-ly

it's been longly since i actually wrote-wrote.  -since i wrote things down and let them say something about where i am and who i am.  of late, it has been mostly photographs and little -isms and lines.  it has been a nice little breather- even when i didn't notice i was breathing.

many happy things lately... jason getting his part-time job renewed for this year and then getting 3 full math classes to teach on top of that, starting pre-marital counseling, having dear dear bryan-friend move back to california (and room with jason), joining a vocational group at mountainside, beginning a new book for theological book group, reading novels novels novels, checking things off of the list (with only one month to go and 8 goals remaining), having my camera break (boo, but-) as a result- finding the most reasonably priced, honest camera repair guy ever (and in my own backyard!).

so, many happy things.  and now that Fall has finally arrived, though with some slow-moving subltey instead of the grand entrance i've been longer for with crisp, cool weather and all that entails... i am beginning to feel home again.  i think i feel home most in the Fall and Winter.  everything feels more natural and light than other time.  less weighty heaviness and less overly-bright days.

i can feel lovely anticipation peeping around the corner, reminding me that it is ahead of me. so, i will wait until i can give it the time it deserves and then we'll be fast friends.

aside from that (all that)... i have rather suddenly experienced the sensation of having had the wind utterly knocked out of me.  and lying on my back, looking dazedly into the heavens, i wonder how i could have missed all the signs?  things are slowly coming into focus and i think i may have some things to share relatively soon, pertaining to recent realizations and future circumstances.

{fuji instax :  left lasting}
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