Wednesday, February 9, 2011

temporarily revived

polka dotted dress,
lunchtime novel-reading,
and the promise of dinner with a Wonder.

It has been a long several months, devoid of a great many things that sustain me.  And I am feeling like worn linen, rather faded.  Threadbare, and limp.  I would benefit (greatly) from steady sleep, primary colors and softened hues, leisurely inspired art making, time alone with Jason, Avatar episode double-dates, and sweetsweetsavory golden crisp french fries.

For now, I will go for a walk in my mind.  It would be good to be walking and seeing things that carry life and peace and rhythm so that I can settle down and stop everything from seeming brightly lit in neon tones.  I am searching for things that vary in texture, color, and purpose.  //  Leaves crunching between pavement and boots, invisible traveling wind, yellow fire hydrants, leftover peacock feathers, ivy in three shades of green, eavesdropped music from another's headphones, and glittering coins beneath a center-of-town fountain.  Illuminated, are a string of pearls on a smiling innocent.  Elevated, is a pet cat perched atop a shoulder as they make their way through Old Town Pasadena.  Heightened, is the scent of spaghetti and meatballs with each enhale and the sound of pots and pans dancing in the kitchen.  Broadened is the sense of serenity and maybe even bliss.

Maybe even bliss.

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