Monday, February 7, 2011

daydream two

i would like to go on a trip to a quiet place and take with me a sketchbook, a story, a journal, a camera (or three), a blanket, and a pillow.  i would like to walk barefoot in sand that would not stick to my feet forever.  i would like it to be a cool day, but without breese so that my hair would not tangle.  i would like to slip away on a raft and mosey along with a song in my head (and i would know all the words) and i would not get sunburned.  i would love to find a piano in the middle of a glen filled with greengreen grass and surrounded by tall-reaching birch trees whose tops encircle and form a frame around the sky.  and i would like to sit there and play for hours, finding a new song with my fingertips and be glad for music and notes.  and letting it fill me up again and make me feel whole and beautiful and free.  and maybe my heartbeat would the the rhythm that each note falls into so that it would be a part of me, even more.  i would like to shout and have no one hear me, just because.  i would like to make a humble wish on a star or eyelash or penny in a wishing well and have it come true.  something small, but bright and right.  i would like to jump in a kayak and race to the end of a creek to see whose arms were strongest and laugh at the end, no matter what.  i would like to close my eyes.  close my eyes and fall asleep and wake refreshed again.

{polaroid: a kind place}
© kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved


Victorya said...

Such a beautiful thought- simple pleasures, innocent joy. Somehow in the rut of daily life it's so easy to forget about these things. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty of quiet days, nature's joys, and happy moments when things are right.