Wednesday, September 15, 2010

unapparently so

So, we return to the original title of this blog.  I am not entirely sure why I ever went away from it.  Probably because Jason used "enhappied" in a sentence once and it made a warm impression on me.  Yet, since this blog is not always about being happy, but rather, about the experience of being and all that it entails, this is the more accurate.  Enhappied, will not entirely disappear- you'll see.

As to the title,

It has been my experience that things are rarely apparent.  Most things, experiences, and people are rarely found to be as originally expected when all is said and done.  New layers of depth, alternate perspectives, and twist endings have taught that I can never assume that I see everything, as is.  They are, rather, unapparently so.

I hold to this altered phrase, in comfort, knowing that things are not known directly, immediately, initially and that there will always be reasons to explore, with bravery and sincerity.  There will always require humility and curiosity and patience.

And to live in such a place, I should try to see what can be seen.

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