Friday, September 17, 2010

always, never, need to

i am always
...making lists the mood for pasta
...prone to singing in the car
...tempted by
...happy to sleep in

i will never ever
...forget my first cat
...give up on the lost art of letter-writing into pro sports
...lose my love of cheese
...change my mind about the color pink
...choose the beach over mountains

i need to learn to pursue dreaming
...a way to enjoy cooking keep better tabs on crankiness levels to to put a novel down and get some sleep
...the value of being a tad more extroverted make more time for art

{fuji instax mini:  Ode to Feet No. 1, 2, 3}
© Kimberly K Taylor, all rights reserved


Jason Pestell said...

We can help each other to enjoy cooking and find more reasons to love cheese through new recipes :)

thejuniorpartner said...

don't feel short. you really are tall compared to many women in India :)