Monday, August 2, 2010

Much Love Monday {Personality Shopping with Bryan}

Inspired by   Much Love Monday, here is my
little resolution:   It is Monday and Mondays
are another start to another week, which can
be  disheartening, because I always miss the
sweet  weekend  after it is gone by.  So, I will
dwell  on something that is very lovely-good
to turn a  Back-to-Work  Monday  into Love.
(Per the guidelines, I am supposed to include
a photograph with a heart in it to accompany
my  Much  Love  Monday entry, but as hearts
are not my shape of choice and I am short on
time today, I suffice to say that I   promise  to
follow the rules next time!    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥)  

Much Love:  Personality Shopping w/ Bryan.
I rarely go clothes shopping since  (1) I do not
tend to have money to spare and  (2) It can be
rather depressing.   Some people are  skilled at
finding deals and style that describe their self.
I am not one of them, but if Bryan is with me it
becomes an  adventure  for finding personality
in colors, patterns, and fabrics. Bryan is stripes
and I am polka dots,  so together,  we balance.

Success!  I bought a polka dot  red  dress:

A way to support creatives. Some have already
been sold, but there will be more soon, I expect.


t said...

Cute dress. :)