Sunday, August 1, 2010

little holiday

 What a happy holiday with Bryan!
Always a beautiful day when he is
part of it, laughing and being him.

A walk in Sierra Madre, shopping
for colors at H&M, pasta and red
velvet cheesecake, and seeing the
nine gorgeous platinum palladiam
prints in his photographic series,
Handscapes, which are genius by
the way.  One true sadness was to
miss Allison: Do feel better, dear!
And next time soon, you hear???

From us:

{fugi instax mini:  bryan, me, and jones!}
© Kimberly K. Taylor


Allison said...

:( Still super sad I couldn't make it. A night with you two would've been much better than what I actually did...which was lay on a couch.