Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th of July was the 4th of July

The 4th of July was the 4th of July.  It did not feel very patriotic, but I was okay with that.  This was the first Independence Day in a long while that Brittany was not present to make the day what it usually is.  I missed her.

The happiest points were uncommon things to do on the 4th of July and made an impression on me.

1) Miss Megan and I went to downtown La Verne and sat on a park-style bench.  And she wrote things down and I turned the time into a photo shoot with my new Fuji Mini Instax camera and the delightful, Miss Megan.  Delightful really is such an accurate word to describe her.  And the afternoon was delightful because of her.  We intended to go to a downtown coffee shop, but they were closed for the holiday. Albeit less unique and quaint, we purchased treats at the nearest Starbucks and found a picturesque spot to sit and journal and do art (click below to see to see in full)

{fuji instax:  and july 4th was full of lovely}
© kimberly k taylor

Side Note: Megan and I detached from our lovely La Verne getaway to visit our friends at a park for a picnic.  Megan, dedicated to the romance of a picnic, brought a latched basket filled with BBQ chicken, fresh blueberries, baked beans, and yogurt-coated cookies.  Me- I got Subway.  I think I need to let Megan's artistry rub off on me and try not to think about what will take the least amount of time and work, but enjoy the process of creating a beautiful, tasteful scene.

2) While everyone played Bocci Ball on the grass, Jill MacKinney- (oops, I always remember a person's name as I was introduced)- Jill Langill and I sat on a blanket, folded Japanese paper stars, and talked novels and photography.  And everything was comfortable and refreshing and light and free and made a very nice time.  Jill has a pleasant laugh and twinkley eyes.  And I wished that more evenings could be filled with bare feet, picture taking, laughing, and no place to go.

Happy anniversary, Independence Day.