Monday, April 19, 2010

Matheteis Tomorrow

It was another long day.  Less bad than some, but accompanied by a hovering migraine that lasted from noon to, well, now.  Now, I have never been hung over before, but I have been told that one of drunkness' after affects is that everything seems too bright.  Well, the windows, computer screens, and even the childrens' faces were too bright and everything hurt and I kept pressing on my eyebrows to see if it would help.  Sometimes, it did.

I'm trying to focus my attention on something good that will happen tomorrow.  After another work day is over, I will be driving out to Azusa to attend the last Matheteis Dinner Forum, whose last topic is, "The American Dream".  The panel consists of the following and I am so excited:
Craig Keen, Ph.D., Systematic Theology
Nori Henk, M.A., Sociology and social movements
Jenny Elsey, M.Ed., Office of Ministry and Service
Sarah Nolan, South Central Farms

Matheteis has yet to disappoint me.  I always learn and leave with a lot more thoughts of my own to sort through.  Brittany Machado does an excellent job organizing them and inviting experts to speak on the panel.  I have been going since my senior year (with the interruption of a season where my work schedule did not permit it).  I should just get season tickets for crying out loud!  Last year, my Brittany (Taylor) worked with Brittany (Machado) to put on these wonderful dinner forums and I am looking forward tomorrow evening.  Previous topics have included "Human Trafficking" (there was an ex-prostitute on the panel who had an intense and informative view of trafficking), "Women in Leadership", and "A Society of Substances".  So interesting!

If you're interested in attending:

I neeeeeed sleep.


Jason Pestell said...

I am thankful as well for these forums and the challenges they present to me and others in the way we think and live.