Thursday, February 18, 2010

It/they made and impression on me

I descend.  Down, down, down the stairs I go.  And the cold becomes sharper with each descending step.  

There are some things that are constant, steady, reliable- like the truth that heat rises and cold stays below.  And such truths comfort as they remain subtle, in the margins of my attention, keeping things within a framework I cannot exactly see, but know is there. It is good to know what to expect every now and then.

When I descend the stairs to the garage tomorrow, the cold will rush up to greet me in a familiar way and remind me that some things follow the rules.  And I will feel comfortable and sure.

  {Polaroid:  They made an impression on me}
© kimberly k taylor 2009


polkadotpeony said...

I love your photo's they are so beautiful. You are so talented!