Thursday, August 7, 2008

As for today:

...Work seemed to drag on and once home, I was so low-key that it almost felt lazy. In hindsight, it wasn't lazy - I worked on photographing my polaroids and getting them onto my computer. But it was so hot in my room that working at the computer made my hands sweaty, so I gave it up without finishing (and felt a bit annoyed and quite uncomfortable).

And even though I didn't finish the task, I felt somewhat refreshed. It was simply pleasant remembering, as I looked at each polaroid. I find polaroids so clean and pure somehow. And they help me remember the importance of simplicity in life.


Kimberly Robin said...

Your polaroids are simply breathtaking. I love them. By the way I read your post on East of Eden and it's so funny that you mention that book because I just started reading it. I agree with you 100% about his writing. You described it perfectly. It is a very addictive book, even though I was expecting it to be boring.

Jason Pestell said...

This was a very beautiful photo, which perfectly accompanied your charming post. Je t'aime, ma belle photographe.