Wednesday, June 25, 2008

this is me, today

I am worn. I am happy to be worn. For love has been shown and that is all that matters for yesterday and today and tomorrow.

I am tired. But, I find rest in the knowledge of God's presence... experienced, today, through the life of one who never ceases to shine His light into dark places. And even though I wish the day were at its end, so I could find sleep, I am joyous in my heart in having seen how powerful God really is.

I am sad. How deep is their pain. How like a dream it must feel this morning. Yet it cannot be avoided and the sun continues to rise and fall and time to pass by, while they try to let their hearts heal.

I am hurt. Please, do not say one thing and convince me that it is true and then prove it false. I'd rather have known how you felt in the first place.


Kimberly Robin said...

What a blessing you are to those around you. You bring such joy and comfort and wisdom to those you love. Know that you are loved back. Trust that there is a crown of glory awaiting you in heaven. Believe that God is beside you, holding you, and bringing you the same strength that you bring to those around you.

thejuniorpartner said...

aw, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog :) I really appreciate them.

I agree with the other kimberly, you are a total blessing!