Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thinking About Him Again

It's good to go through stuff and toss things out. It feels satisfying to eliminate stuff. Even this packrat can appreciate spring cleaning (though I go on cleaning binges through the year rather than annually during the springtime). Amazing how quickly (and in such great capacity) stuff accumulates.

Jason left Sunday, but it feels like he's been gone much longer than that. It's so interesting how quickly we are forced back into the long distance relationship. It's like a light switch. One second we're together, the next it's phone conversations in the evenings right before bed. And I don't like the suddenness of it. I cry so hard every time he leaves. Eleven days of bliss and then being ripped apart all over again. It never gets easier, but I'm glad it doesn't. If it did, there would definitely be something wrong. Yet, I still can't believe we have another year of this before being together.

The good news is that Jason just told me that he will probably be able to come down on July 1st for a few days. A schoolmate of his will be down in SoCal to vacation with her boyfriend and we're going to try to do a double date at Disneyland. I hope it works out. I miss Jason so much already.


Jason Pestell said...

Aww...tu me manques aussi, m'amie. J'espère qu'on pourra aller à Disneyland au 2 ou 3 juillet ensemble ::les doigts croisés::