Wednesday, November 14, 2007

she said, "i'd love to..."

i sit at my desk; every now and then selecting a few strawberry wonka nerds and popping them into my mouth while i think. they seem suitable as i am one of their kind.

my self seems quite incessant on refusing to do anything academically productive. my self is tired and i am letting my self be tired tonight.

the count down tells me i have 30 days before i will walk across the stage with a tassel bouncing against the side of my face, shake president jon wallace's hand, and be handed a black diploma folder. oh, the sweet sweet joy is a-waiting. i cannot even tell you how sweet it will be. if you know my story, you understand.

something has been on my mind all semester. i cannot seem to have a conversation without it entering my thoughts; cannot seem to see someone i dislike without thinking of it; cannot wait to test myself in its regards...

i have a challenge that is in my very near future. it started to day, in actuality, when i initiated a conversation with some who i have observed for several years and whom i particularly dislike, disrespect, and disregard. to practice what i have recently come to understand as the true meaning of hospitality, is on my mind. if i can only show it to people i enjoy, like, or love- it says very little of my commitment to on what my Savior's ministry centered. it is with the people who most annoy, hurt, or disgust me that my practice of hospitality is revealed (or my own hypocrisy). i cannot stop thinking about it. i expect that i am going to learn something more soon.

i asked one of them to coffee. and in her response were the words, "i'd love to..." i don't understand what's happening in my head- but i am really looking forward to it. and i know that is a good thing.


Jason Pestell said...

I am glad at your struggle and the knowledge that you have gained and wish to set into practice in living hospitably towards everyone. I look forward to hearing the results of the coffee engagement, and in learning of hospitality from you as you recall the things in your class and life that bring new perspective to my own living.